Brief: 10hr turn around.
Cardiff is full of culture and hidden treasures. The task was to show how can we capture the food and beverage industry within a magazine. 

The content was supplied and we had to come up with a fresh and different way to display the information in a fun new way.

I chose to do a square layout based on the idea that everyone is equal and that Cardiff is not like everywhere else. It allows a 3x3 grid which allows for strategical placement and control over the design. 
I was also tasked with creating a landing page in which the user can view articles online...
The strategy behind the webpage is that it has an over feature where when the cursor rolls over, it reveals brief information and then you can get linked to the article. It also features a 'roll' page which is designed to help those who struggle making decisions. You would choose a category e.g. food and let the website randomly choose a featured place. 

My primary research suggested that people struggle deciding where to eat, especially the younger generation. So this element is aimed at targeting this issue.

My workings out:
Primary photographs taken by me for to capture the culture within Cardiff:

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