The brief: 10hr project. 
Electric cars are the future. We are going to run out of fossil fuels but people still don’t trust electric cars.

Create a brand identity and an idea for an in-car experience.  Show off electric vehicles and create a strategy to persuade people to buy them.

To show people why electric cars are in their best interest and that electric cars these days are better than they once was.
Eve is influenced from Adam and Eve in the Bible. Eve was a temptress  and the first of her kind. The idea with the fossil is all around challenging fossil fuels. The concept of the fossil advertising come from the idea that they dig for fossil fuels. This was to play on the idea and suggest a better ‘find of the century’. For the in-car experience I based it all around your mobile device. Mobile phones are a big factor to car crash ratios. They are distracting. So,  if your phone powers the car, you cant use it. You can still use the functions but you accentually are fully connected to your car.
Brand development pages:

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