The brief was to create a vodka brand that represents sustainability, as well as being fun and modern. A lot of the bigger vodka brands look expensive and daunting, especially to the younger generation. This brand aims to reignite those taste buds and bring a sense of self worth - Save the planet and alcohol, what is not to like?



"We produce extraordinary quality flavoured Vodka in the heart of Wales. Our small batch, family run distillery is proud of its sustainable claims. Our Vodka is packaged in a 100% recyclable paperboard bottle which is foil lined to lock in all of the spectacular natural flavourings. Each bottle is meticulously produced using the finest ingredients then we fill and cap by hand. Our aim is to get a bottle of Flawless Vodka in your hands which has a dramatically low carbon footprint versus glass with unrivalled quality and taste flavoured Vodka. Are you thirsty yet?

We currently have 4 flavours within our range.

Raspberry Ripple evokes nostalgia of the renowned ice cream. The naturally juicy wild field Raspberries have a bright hue and plump body. They are pulped with vanilla pods and gelato extract, resulting in perfection. 

Yuzu & Blood Orange is a refreshing citric blend full of zest and pith. The juicy flesh of a blood orange is extracted for its versatile sweetness and then crushed. Yuzi, found in Japan, has nuances of grapefruit and lime. When paired with blood orange the flavours collide creating an extraordinary aroma. 

Dragon Fruit & lychee summons tropical and exotic tastes. Lychee, known in hawaii as the alligator strawberry, brings floral and fragrant notes to the party whilst dragon fruit offers a more rounded sweetness, comparable to a kiwi and pear fusion. 

Flawless Vodka Double apple doesn’t actually contain double strength apples, instead we have taken meticulous care extracting flavours of orchard fresh green and red apples. This results in a mouthwatering, bittersweet collision of flavour as the sweet red apples are balanced by the tart green apples. 

Flawles Vodka. Taste the Extraordinary" 

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