Brief: Design a brand for a local business and explore what it means to design a brand. 

"A logo does not make a brand... A brand is the face of the company. It is the first impression for clients." 
JV Graphics. Primarily a sign makers but offers various skills and products.

To find a local business that needed help with its brand identity. From this we needed to create a strategy and brand guidelines document.

The problem with this company was that they had no consistency and their brand
did not show their values. ​​​​​​​
Mock Ups showing the brands adaptability.
The problem was that company originally where using 7 different logos. The unique selling points for this business is that they are very professional and adaptive. However, their brand did not communicate this. The solution was to create an identity that shows their adaptability and professionalism. Limitations where set to use CMYK colour scheme to show off that they are primarily a print shop. The design was influenced from a colour swatch to show their multiple services and skills. 
Below are some sketchbook pages showing the development of this brand.

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