The brief: 10hr turn around project.
Today, climate change is one of the biggest problems we face as a planet. The brief was to create a digital experience to help the user realise their importance in the fight and that the individual can make a difference.
The strategy behind this 'E-Kit' app is to connect people to their own carbon footprint. The app will allow you to connect to your home and life. It will monitor how good or bad you are to the environment and suggest ways in which you can help fight.

A problem I found with this brief was that my primary research suggested that people tend to struggle breaking old habits. 


This is aimed at helping people to break the way they contribute to climate change. There is two options. 

Eco-friend = standard account 
Eco-worrier = the ultimate way to break an habit. It forces you to donate to a charity when you do wrong against your environment e.g. leave all the lights on.
Please find sketchbook pages below:

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