The brief:
Part 1: Research into a chosen topic of interest and create an insight document. 
Part 2: Create an infographic in any chosen media.

How might we better understand societies relationship with tattoo culture?

Explore research methodologies and learn how to conduct an insight report.
I discovered was that 17% of people regret their tattoos because they did not consider the aftermath. The strategy was to create the infographic as an app. This was the most logical outcome because tattooist can show clients how it would look and you can test it out before you get a tattoo. It is real life information rather than just reading a leaflet. The app will allow you to upload a specific design, and scan it onto your body. This will allow you to see how it will look and it will come up with information about tattoos to make sure you have an in depth insight into what you are getting.
Below is an insight document that I generated over a few weeks of investigating the subject matter.

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