The brief: 10hr collaboration project with Kiera Allan
Steel works are a male dominated industry, create a campaign that encourages women to join the steel industry and show that they can do anything a man can.

Encourage women to join the steel works through a campaign or experience.

There is a lot of stereotypes around ‘it’s a man’s job’. The idea is to show women they are capable and equal to men.
This solution is about correcting attitudes. Women are strong and independent. However, there is still a stigma around male dominated industries. The campaign is split into print and social media elements: posters, gifs, promo video, social media filters and stickers. The idea behind the stickers is that they would be placed in bathrooms of restaurants, pubs etc. We discovered a lot of women take selfies in the bathroom and we wanted to use  this. We took stereotypical sexist comments and literally corrected them. We used this iconic pink lipstick so that the message is simple and easy to understand.

Social media Gifs and Promotion video:
Mirror decals:
Promotion Video:
Working out pages:

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