Yeti Shampoo is a brand aimed at those who love their hair, but do not trust those big brands. 
My client discovered that majority of people (especially men) did not really care what went on their hair and that they simply 'just picked what caught their eye'. Yeti Shampoo is infused with Lipobeads that dissolve directly into your scalp. This technology helps to repair, hydrate and protect the hair.

So how could we get people to choose this brand? Well the client was keen to make it stand out form the shelf, and we did just that! After conducting market research we learnt there was a very unified style between the top shampoo lines and they all blended into each other. Well not YETI!
The branding is based on hairdresser inspiration to help build trust that they company knew what they was talking about. The bottle designs are based to draw you in. They make you want to pick up the bottle. 

This brand was really fun to work on and they also asked me to mock up some concepts for a woman's and pets range.  

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